Question 1. Why choosing a service provider as ERAI Monde ?

Save time - Save efficiency - Save travel

Save time

Opening a new market is a very time-consuming operation.

Thanks to the methodology of ERAI MONDE, our clients rely on us for the prospecting and implementation processes, while maintaining control of the project, which allows them to remain concentrated in their active markets. The profitability of the operation is markedly increased in this scheme.

Save efficiency

Having a local relay on site to prospect, to make contacts, to look for information, is 100 times more efficient than to treat all this remotely.

The advantages of ERAI MONDE support are numerous: local language approach, country expertise, understanding of interculturalities and credibility vis-à-vis local prospects or suppliers.

Save travel

ERAI Monde offers you the opportunity to drastically reduce the displacements caused by the launch of an activity abroad. Directly on the spot, our consultants take all the steps for you: prospecting, information search, local administrative procedures.

We only move when things have progressed well and your presence is required. In the meantime, you are dedicated to your customers.


Question 2. Why choosing us ?

Local presence - Local expertise - French-speaking contacts

Local presence

ERAI Monde has a large network with 250 partners in 80 countries. We are located in every continent of the world. You will be in contact with a local interlocutor as aim to be support as accurately as possible.

Local expertise

All our representatives in the world are specialized in the development and implementation on their country. Most of them are “multi-sectoral”, but some are highly specialized.

This is particularly the case in sectors such as ERP, wine, medical and food industry.

French-speaking contacts

Our representatives in the world are either from the country they cover, or have settled on the spot for a long time, and perfectly master their specificities and culture. All are Anglophone and Francophone, many of them are Hispanic.